Argos Logistics Ltd. (China)


information prepared: ELIZAVETA VOLKOVA


  1. Body Lotion Assorted Health And Beauty Care (Skin And Body Lotion) As Per No. 9(Purchase Order No. 2) Incoterms 0. Body Lotion 0 A/C Fantasia Accessories Ltd
  2. . S/C No.: Cn09 9 Care(Body Lotion/Body Wash/Hand Assorted Health And Beauty 14, 9. Incoterms 0. Soap) As Per No. 5(Purchase Order No. 0)Dated August Dc Number: 76 00 Hb/L Hkglax Scac C
  3. Body Lotion And Shampoo Body Lotion And Shampoo Assorted Health And Beauty Care Products Body Lotion And Shampoo Dc Number: Dc Mtn Body Lotion And Shampoo Account: Fantasia Accessories Ltd # 1 Rs 84 Any

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