Little King Industries (China)


information prepared: EVGENIYA NARUSHKINA


  1. Knitted Fabric; Single Knit Sec. 2, Little King Industries =Face Brush Side=Back ; Knitted Fabric; Double Knit Polyester 6 Spandex; Piece Dye; Plain Side=Face; Brush Co., Ltd. 9 F, No., Wenhua Rd., Face; Piece Dyed
  2. Knitted Fabrics; Warp Knit Polyester; Technical Side= Dye; Plain Side=Face; Brush Lycra; Piece Dyed; W 56 Min Sec. 2, Knitted Fabric; Double Knit Pique Black Back Fleece; 94 Face; Piece Dyed; Width 60 Min Knitted Fabric;
  3. Side=Back; Width 56 Min Cut; Knitted Fabric; Warp Knit Mesh; Knt ; H. S. Code 6. 31. 20. 00 1 Cut; Wt G M2 Pique Black Back Fleece; 94 Polyester 6 Spandex; Piece Face; Piece Dyed; Width 60 Min Knitted F


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